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BDSM People
BDSM People • Kinky Dating Mobile App
Для людей

BDSM People is a private dating club for single ladies and gentlemen, couples and people of all possible genders and sexual orientations from all over the world. In the BDSM People app, you can meet people who share your sexual fantasies and are immersed in BDSM.

Sexy games in the style of BDSM, BDSM clubs, erotic chat, BDSM horoscope, news feed, people on the map and complete privacy.


In the BDSM People app, you can satisfy most of your secret fantasies and desires: handcuffed sex, rape games, spanking, sexual domination and submission, humiliation in sex, facesitting, strapon, golden shower, trampling, forced cunnilingus, masturbation, ballbusting and genital torture, wax games, dress-up games, body fixation and breath restriction, strapon, group sex or the popular games "Sexy Nurse and Patient", "Call Girl and Client", "Sex with Teacher", "Sex with Maid" , "Call boys" and much more. Or maybe you want to play sexwife, try someone else's wife in front of your husband, be a slave or a slave? You can find all this in the BDSM People app.


Just download the BDSM People app from the App Store and find the right party or BDSM club for you. Meet like-minded people and let yourself be yourself.

All the diversity of the world of BDSM in one mobile application.

Remember! All meetings are held only by mutual agreement, even games with coercion. Everything that happens is just a game. Sexy, mind-boggling, maddening with desire, but just a game. Respect the wishes of others!

БДСМ и фетиш
BDSM People • Kinky Dating Mobile App

 What is BDSM and fetish? 

BDSM is a psychosexual subculture based on erotic power-sharing and other forms of sexual relations involving role-playing games of dominance and submission.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that BDSM is just a sexual interest or subculture, most of whose adherents have not been victims of violence and have not experienced problems in "regular" sex.

All the same scientists have found that people engaged in BDSM have reduced levels of psychological stress, improved mood and increased sexual arousal 

In this case, you need to remember an important condition: the consent of the partner. Many practitioners report that BDSM enhances intimacy and trust in a couple. However, this is possible only if people stipulate in advance the boundaries of what is permitted and do not violate them.

A sexual fetish is an object or body part whose real or imagined use is necessary to satisfy sexual desires. Well, who hasn't heard about the irresistible attraction to women's legs or shoes, some underwear and just uniforms?

The most common fetishes are: latex, high-heeled shoes, over the knee boots, leather and fur products, corsets, stockings, women's panties and underwear.

BDSM People - Download on the App Store
BDSM People • Kinky Dating Mobile App
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