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Who has not heard about the attraction to women's legs, underwear, uniforms? Someone goes crazy about women's feet... mmm

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Luners are people for whom balloons serve as a sexual fetish. The ways in which loons can play with balloons are quite varied: some people like to wallow on balloons during sex. Someone - to sit on large balls astride or use as a sexual partner. Balloons turn people on, and they can do it in many different ways. Much depends on the material, shape, appearance, feel, color, flexibility and weight they can support.



Human furniture or forniphilia is a favorite BDSM fetish in popular culture. From a "Clockwork Orange" movie to Cardi B's music video, chairs and tables made of people have been popping up on screens and in exhibitions to outrage. Forniphilia as a BDSM practice attracts its followers with the opportunity to experience dominance or submission, depending on what role the person chooses - the owner or the furniture.



Sex with soft toys. Some parents indulge plushies from a young age and use their remarkable imagination to try to increase the number of their sexual partners. Even Cheburashki, Winnie the Pooh, plush cacti and other fairy-tale characters are used. The industry of entertainment and sex toys has long offered the widest range for plushophiles, for example: Shreks with built-in vibroanuses and frog princesses with slippery warty vaginas.



The bottom line is that a person gives sexual pleasure when small insects, such as ants (formica from Latin - ant), crawl along his body, and especially the perineum and genitals. Biting insects also gives a separate pleasure. Moreover, this fetish is not extremely rare. Yes, it is not among the popular ones, that's true, but some porn sites have separate sections dedicated to formicophilia, and this already says a lot. One study described a man lying naked on his front lawn and getting sexual satisfaction from ants crawling on him.



This fetish reflects the complex relationship between religion and sex: chierophilia is the excitement of seeing religious paraphernalia and interacting with it. Some religious practices suggest an ecstatic state: does it merge with hierophilia?



Sexual attraction to art is not uncommon in high society. Pygmalionism (or monumentophilia) is a popular type of fetishism in which statues play the role of a fetish. And in a broader sense - and painting with photography. The history of this noble occupation dates back to ancient times. Greek sculptor Pygmalion led a lonely life on the tourist island of Cyprus. He spent a lot of time in his workshop and avoided socializing with local women. In his dreary seclusion, Pygmalion carved from white shiny ivory a statue of an unusually pretty and, as it seemed to him, intelligent woman. The case ended badly. Falling in love to the point of madness, Pygmalion begged Aphrodite to revive the statue, and she agreed. What happened next, history is silent, although some sources even indicate the name of the child born from this love: Paphos.



Attraction to trees. This attraction is not always sexual - rabid defenders of nature can also sometimes be classified as dendrophiles. But true dendrophiles do love trees - like one Scot who was banned from a public park after he attempted to have sexual intercourse with a tree in the park in 2010.



People are excited by fear and adrenaline jumping at theft, and if they are also pressed against the wall and their hands are somehow fixed, then they will be even more pleasant.



Sexual attraction to the armpit, in which a person experiences pleasure from touching this part of the body, fantasizing about it and smelling it. Once actress Kristen Stewart admitted to British Vogue that she is a fan of masculine.



Most of us strive by all means to avoid catastrophes and misfortunes. But some aspire to them with all their hearts. Symphorophilia - sexual arousal from everything related to death and catastrophes. "Symphora" in Greek means "unhappiness". This paraphilia is associated with pyrophilia (sexual arousal from fire and arson). The difference between them lies in the fact that the pyrophile enjoys the fire itself, experiencing additional excitement from the thought that it is dangerous to others, while the siphorophile is excited by the very thought of danger, destruction and possible death of people.

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