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Sexual/erotic suffocation, breath control play is a form of abnormal sexual activity involving the use of agents that restrict oxygen to the lungs and/or brain to enhance the sensations associated with sexual release.


Arousal occurs when there is a short-term restriction of the supply of oxygen to the brain and the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the brain. Causes a state of dizziness and a strong relaxation of the whole body, accompanied by sexual arousal. It is one of the forms of BDSM practices, related methods associated with obtaining euphoria and other effects, without sexual pleasure - games with asphyxia and holotropic breathing.


It is a rather dangerous practice and requires mandatory control by the partner, as it can lead to loss of consciousness and immobilization of the partner. Associated with a serious risk to the life of the subject: in the United States, according to experts, annually there are from two hundred to one thousand cases of autoerotic death associated with such actions.


According to one version, in pursuit of a bright orgasm, the leader of the Australian group INXS, Michael Hutchence, died from asphyxia. A similar fate befell the actor David Carradine: forensic experts concluded that he accidentally strangled himself while masturbating.

We recommend leaving such a sexual fantasy at the level of fantasy and not taking risks where you can just have fun. You can discuss similar practices with other users on the BDSM People app.

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