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Algolagnia is a sexual deviation in which orgasm is achieved by causing pain to a sexual partner or in connection with pain caused by a sexual partner.


This does not mean that the partner is a maniac or a torturer. In modern realities, such a role can be occupied by both a bank clerk and a housewife. Receiving pain as a way of sexual satisfaction opens up the sensations of orgasm from a new angle and adds vivid emotions. Satisfaction often comes not from the process itself, but from the partner's awareness of the power or the conquest of his chosen one.


There are many BDSM devices that will be needed for experienced games of algolagnia. A short tour of sex shops will help you choose worthy attributes for punishment and submission.


Variants of active algolagnia can be active flagellantism (pleasure when scourging others) - coprophemia (the desire to pronounce obscene words in the presence of persons of the opposite sex in order to cause embarrassment and shame). Hyperfeminine behavior is largely characterized by the attitude "everything for him", emphasized passivity, subordination, sometimes to the detriment of one's own sexuality. The desire to guess the slightest desires of a partner, complete subordination to his will, concern that he is unhappy with her, etc. determine this form of behavior and lead to psychological dissatisfaction from sexual intimacy with a partner, often even without physical release. With pathological hyperfeminine behavior or passive algolagnia (masochism), complete satisfaction comes only with the realization of one's subordination and humiliation, complete self-denial and suffering with a partner ("sweet pain").

Algolagnia is well suited for relaxation after a hard working day. Giving himself completely to the power of his partner, one of the couple can relax and simply obey orders. No need to solve complex problems, strain your brains and look for a way out of this situation. Just obeying orders is enough. It is necessary to selectively approach punishment measures, take into account the pain threshold of the slave and the physiological capabilities of the body.


You should definitely agree with your partner about what you have in mind, and if you decide to use some new ways to achieve pleasure. Too aggressive and harsh techniques can seriously scare.


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