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Punishment by flogging (now that this action has migrated to the world of sexual entertainment) is a physical impact when a person is beaten with special percussive objects (rods, rod, belt, whip, paddle, flogger, etc.), thereby causing pain of varying degrees . In this case, bodily injuries can also be different - from slight reddening of the skin, to swollen and bloodshot marks of blows. The buttocks, thighs and back are often spanked, less often other parts of the body. Blows to the head and face are usually excluded.

During the Middle Ages, when BDSM was still out of the question, punishment by flogging was very widely used, and did not at all carry pleasure. Women, when they were beaten with rods or rods, simply experienced pain, and at the same time people believed that through suffering from the body, everything bad comes out of the mind, and after going through a series of such trials, one can learn some truth. Partly, this also had religious roots - the great martyrs who rose above earthly suffering after such executions were cited as an example to the population.

The consequences of punishment can be both physical pain and humiliation. In the Middle Ages, it was public and carried out with the aim of correcting behavior (in some third world countries, the situation has not changed).

Now, in sexual practice, it has become a much more entertaining process for a couple and is part of the psychological arousal, enjoyment, orgasm approach and the so-called subspace.

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