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X-Frame, X-Cross, St. Andrew's Cross - as soon as they do not call perhaps the most common attribute for BDSM practitioners. The slanting cross, made of rich woods with metal fittings in soft leather, is well known to all the sophisticated. And for those who would like to just slightly touch this exciting play, it is very important that the cross allows you to fix the body in a natural position, relying on it and on your legs, does not require special skills when using.


Initially, since the dark Middle Ages, the St. Andrew's Cross is an X-shaped torture device. The victim was fixed on it by pulling her limbs with ropes. The hands and feet of a person crucified on such a cross did not receive blood flow and sooner or later died. This instrument of torture got its name on the basis that it was on such a cross that Andrew the First-Called was crucified.


Later, the cross began to be used as a fixation device for BDSM games. The cross has a convenient base for fixation, since the lower one on it is fixed in a physiologically natural position, while usually it can rest not only on the floor surface, but also on the cross itself, even when standing. If the cross is fixed horizontally, then the lower one lies on it, as on a bench - and for some areas of flagellation, the cross, as a figure of fixation, is much more convenient than a bench.


When fixing the Bottom one horizontally on the back, care should be taken that the head of the Bottom one does not tilt back. For this purpose, it is enough to put a crossbar under the back of the head. With horizontal fixation on the stomach, the crossbar is not needed, as it prevents you from lowering your head, and lowering your head forward is determined by a completely physiological bend of the neck. In addition, Bottom's head down and forward can be a prevention of fainting.

The cross can be upholstered in leather or any other easily washable material with a lining inside, then it will be more comfortable and softer.


The disadvantages of this device include bulkiness and limited access to the Bottom's body (access for flagellation is always possible only from one side).


Currently, any self-respecting BDSM club has this device available. You can find a suitable BDSM club or place information about your establishment in the BDSM People app.

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