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The origins of BDSM culture are lost in deep and shaggy antiquity. Some people find them in initiation rites that are very painful for both sexes (ritual scourging, knocking out or filing of teeth, defloration, scarring and other unpleasant things, especially for a teenager) - however, it is difficult to say to what extent there was a sexual component. Someone saw sadomasochistic scenes on the frescoes of Crete and Pompeii, found them in ancient Sumerian fairy tales and the Kama Sutra - but it is impossible to clarify how popular pain was as an element of erotic games and whether it stood out as a separate subculture.


Flogging or beating is one of the oldest tortures, which is often not even mentioned in the general list (for example, inquisitorial), implying it as a matter of course. Beatings could be different - with a whip, rods, bamboo sticks, burning brooms, gauntlets, ramrods, logs and metal rods. As a rule, they hit on the back, bypassing the head and stomach (less likely to damage vital organs), or on the heels. Although, when the goal was not to knock out confessions, but to beat to death in the most painful way, such restrictions were no longer considered.


In BDSM practices, it is used quite often. Spanking is very popular - spanking the buttocks with a hand, a belt or special devices - a flexible paddle (paddle), a stack, a whip, rods, a regular or multi-tailed whip (flogger), or a bamboo cane.


Also, a special whip is used - arapnik, a long whip on a short whip. Initially, arapnik is a long hunting scourge or whip. But, over time, the arapnik registered in BDSM practices and most BDSM clubs necessarily add this device to their assortment.


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